Christmas comes but once a year

CLIP: Ba- humbug.

However for one man, thats just once too often, as Walt Disney Pictures and Imagemovers Digital present Disneys A CHRISTMAS CAROL, a multi-sensory thrill ride re-envisioned by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Robert Zemeckis, starring Jim Carrey.

CLIP: I wish to be left alone.

ZEMICKIS I decided to make Christmas Carol because its a story that has never been realized in a movie the way, I think Dickens intended it.

CLIP: You will be haunted by 3 spirits, expect the first tomorrow when the bell tolls 1:00.

ZEMICKIS: ... and Jim did an amazing job, like nothing Ive ever seen.

Indeed Carrey had a blast recreating these characters in this eye-opening journey.

CAREY: I play Ebenezer Scrooge at 5 different ages from about 7 to 65, and I play the three spirits.

CLIP: What do you want with me?

The richness and emotional power of the story really inspired Robert Zemeckis, whose numerous hits include Back to the Future, Forrest Gump, and The Polar Express.

ZEMECKIS: I've always been a fan of time travel moves and Christmas Carol is the greatest time travel story ever written.

This holiday season, one man will be given a 2nd chance to get his life right

CLIP: Im here to warn you that you have yet a chance and a hope of escaping my fate.

Disneys A CHRISTMAS CAROL, presented in Disney Digital 3D and IMAX 3D

CLIP: Ba - Humbug

In Hollywood, Im Lori Lerner

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