Announcer: When in Rome from Touchstone Pictures, is a hysterical romantic comedy starring Kristen Bell as Beth, an ambitious young lady with an exciting job in Manhattan.

Clip: A few days ago I was a very happy New Yorker until one night I ran into my Ex. I met someone and weíre getting engaged. Son of a...

Bell: Beth is a cynic and a workaholic but I think secretly inside just hides all of her vulnerability.

Clip: Basically what you need is a male version of yourself. He doesnít have to be blond.

Announcer: How about just gorgeous, as Beth, on a whirlwind trip to Rome for her sisterís wedding meets Nick, a charming reporter played by Josh Duhamel.

Duhamel: Neither one of them is really looking for love, but you usually find it when youíre not looking for it and this is kind of what happens here.

Announcer: Touchstone Pictures presents Kristin Bell

Clip: Oh no, Iím so sorry. I didnít know that was you.

Announcer: Josh Duhamel
Clip It hurts so bad but tastes so good, what is that mint? Itís breath spray. You startled
me and I didnít have anything else.

Announcer: When in Rome

Clip: You think youíre real charming donít you? A little bit. Yeah, well you are.

Announcer: In Hollywood, Iím _______________.

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