Announcer: From Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios comes one of the most eagerly awaited films of the summer TOY STORY 3, a comical new adventure in Disney Digital 3D starring our favorite toys including Woody voiced by Tom Hanks and Buzz voiced by Tim Allen under the direction of Lee Unkrich.

Lee: Itís ten years later. Andyís about to head off to college and Woody and Buzz and all the toys are wondering whatís to become of them.

Clip: What are you going to do with these toys?

Announcer: As Woody and the gang face the monumental fact that Andy has outgrown them and mom wants them out of the house.

Clip: Should we donate them to Sunnyside? Mom, no oneís going to want those old toys. Fine, you have until Friday, anything thatís not packed for college or in the attic is getting thrown out.

Announcer: Tom Hanks

Hanks: Itís written with characters of great human dimension that are funny and itís packed with adventure and jeopardy.

Announcer: When the toys find themselves at a new play care center everyone is initially pretty excited as Tim Allen explains.

Allen: They get to Sunnyside which is a day care center and it looks like itís a great thing. It looks like heaven for these guys. Clip: New toys! Iím going to get played with! Allen: but theyíre not age appropriate toys for the kids theyíre with.Ē Clip: Whereís my nose! Here it is. Hereís your arm. Give me that, thatís mine.

Announcer: This Summer.

Clip: You got a play-date with destiny.

Announcer: No toy gets left behind.

Clip: Andyís looking for us. Listen up, weíre busting out of here.

Announcer: TOY STORY 3, in Disney Digital 3D, with music by Oscar winning composer/songwriter Randy Newman. In Hollywood, Iím _______________.
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