ANNOUNCER: From Walt Disney Pictures and producer Jerry Bruckheimer comes The Sorcerer's Apprentice, an epic adventure about a sorcerer and his hapless apprentice who are swept into an ancient conflict between good and evil.

CLIP: Everything you thought you knew about the world is about to change.

BRUCKHEIMER: I love stories that have magical element to it, and especially contemporary storiesí

CLIP: This should be a lot of fun.

ANNOUNCER: This innovative comedy stars Academy Award winner Nicolas Cage as ĎBalthazarí, a master sorcerer in modern-day Manhattan who recruits Dave, played by Jay Baruchel.

CLIP: Two weeks ago, I was just a normal college kid, and then he showed up. Hello Dave, youíre going to be a force for good and a very important sorcerer. What?

CAGE: I want to guide him and train him for a larger purpose, but Jay's character, it's very overwhelming for him.

CLIP: Once you enter there is no going back. So I should probably pee first.

ANNOUNCER: From director Jon Turteltaub
TURTLETAUB: This is the best, most perfect role Nic has ever had, he is phenomenal.

CLIP: Step one, clear your mind, step two, see the molecules, step three make them change.

TURTLETAUB: It takes you to a place that you can only imagine.

ANNOUNCER: Itís magic.

CLIP: Put on the ring, nothingís going to happen. (noise, noise) Kidding.

ANNOUNCER: The Sorcerer's Apprentice.

CLIP: Every sorcerer needs a nice pair of pointy shoes. These are old manís shoes. Excuse me? I love them Ö a lot.

ANNOUNCER: In Hollywood, Iím _______________.
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