ANNOUNCER: It’s the greatest love story ever told and it stars garden gnomes.

CLIP: “Wow”

ANNOUNCER: as Touchstone Pictures presents GNOMEO & JULILET; an animated comedy adventure featuring the voices of James McAvoy as 'Gnomeo' and Emily Blunt as 'Juliet', whose lives are changed forever when they fall in love in this hysterical off-the wall makeover in 3D.

CLIP: "Oh Gnomeo, Gnomeo, are we really doomed Gnomeo to never see each other again?”

MCAVOY: “You do have two characters that you care what happens to and the fact that they happen to be garden gnomes just adds a certain level of weirdness and novelty that I think people will appreciate.”

ANNOUNCER: Director Kelly Asbury

KELLY: "Gnomeo and Juliet is the story of Romeo and Juliet told through the world of garden gnomes.”

CLIP: “Your tulips are looking a little limp aren't they?” “‘I don’t like what you’re incinerating."

ANNOUNCER: Michael Canine, who voices Juliet’s overprotective father, had a blast playing a plastic speaking garden gnome.

CAINE: "I mean that’s what’s funny about them, it’s that they’re looked down upon in life, so you don’t expect them to be doing Shakespeare.”

ANNOUNCER: GNOMEO AND JULIET showcases both classic and original songs by Elton John who also served as Executive Producer.

ELTON: “We had poetic license with the ending; we made it a happy ending, it is the greatest love story that’s ever been written.”

ANNOUNCER: as Touchstone Pictures presents a story filled with a lot of heart and plaster.

CLIP: “Illiterate!" “‘I am not illiterate! My parents were married.”


CLIP: “Parting is such sweet sorrow” “Call me.”

ANNOUNCER: In Hollywood, I’m _______________.
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