ANNOUNCER: Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Studios are off to the races in “Cars 2”, as hotshot racecar Lightning McQueen, voiced by Owen Wilson, and his best buddy Mater, a rusty tow truck voiced by Larry The Cable Guy, jump-start a new adventure to exotic lands

CLIP: “How’d you like to come and see the world with me?” “You mean it!”

ANNOUNCER: Under the direction of Academy Award winning filmmaker John Lasseter, who in 2006 brought us the box-office sensation CARS

LASSETER: “The setting of CARS 2 is a race that Lightning McQueen is invited to, called the World Grand Prix and it takes place in Tokyo Japan, a seaside town in Italy and London England.”

CLIP: “Lightning McQueen, Buena Sera.”

ANNOUNCER: But the road to the finish line is filled with plenty of potholes and detours as Owen explains

WILSON: “In trying to help me, somehow people mistake Mater for an American spy.”

ANNOUNCER: As our trusty friend finds himself embroiled in a top-secret mission orchestrated by a very sporty little British car voiced by two-time Academy Award winner Michal Caine

CLIP: “I never properly introduced myself; Finn McMissile, British Intelligence.” “Tow Mater; average intelligence.”

ANNOUNCER: Buckle your seat belts…

CLIP: “McQueen and Francesco duel for that inside line as they head towards the first turn.”

ANNOUNCER: As Disney – Pixar present our favorite cars, going where no cars have gone before.

CLIP: “You know I know some car-atee.”


CLIP: “I got me a black fan belt.”

ANNOUNCER: In Hollywood, I’m ________________.

CLIP: “Brilliant!”
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