ANNOUNCER: Sometimes we all feel a little hungry

CLIP: "What could be more important than a little something to eat?”

ANNOUNCER: Especially when we’re craving something sweet and gooey”

CLIP: “That is a very fine looking pot of honey you’ve got there.” “And so remarkably gooey.”

ANNOUNCER: And WINNIE THE POOH is everybody’s favorite bear as Walt Disney Animation Studios returns to the Hundred Acre Wood with WINNIE THE POOH… and all his pals.

CLIP: “It’s a dangerous path I bounce but I bounce it alone.”

ANNOUNCER: But when it comes to matters of the mind, all eyes are on Owl, voiced by Craig Ferguson.

CLIP: “What do you have there my dear boy?” “A note I found at Christopher Robbins with strange words I cannot read.” “Let me see, there’s never been a note written that I could not decipher.”

FERGUSON: Pooh and Piglet and Eeyore have come to him with this monumental task which basically he doesn’t know what to do.

ANNOUNCER: For producer Peter Del Vecho, a very important part of this film is the style in which it’s made.

DEL VECHO: We went back to make sure it had that sort of water-color feel of the original.

Music Up: “I walked across an empty land …….”

DEL VECHO: There’s wisdom to Winnie the Pooh that comes through in a very subtle way about enjoying life; it returns us to a simpler time.

ANNOUNCER: As Walt Disney Pictures presents

CLIP: “Can you tie a knot?” “‘I cannot knot.” “Not knot?”


CLIP: “Who’s there?” “Pooh.” “Pooh who?”

ANNOUNCER: In Hollywood, ___________________.

CLIP: “Silly old bear.”
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