ANNOUNCER: WHAT’S YOUR NUMBER?, from 20th Century Fox, is a hysterical comedy about Ally Darling, played by Anna Farris, a smart, attractive and fun-loving young woman who is also… single.

CLIP: “I was thinking that maybe you want to be my date to my sister’s wedding.” “Are your parents giong be there?” “At my sister’s wedding – I think so.” “It just sounds a little serious.”

FARRIS: WHAT’S YOUR NUMBER? is about my character’s quest to find love but she really doesn’t want to sleep with any more people, she’s at 20.”

ANNOUNCER: Because according to an article Ally read with her girlfriends……

CLIP: “In America, 96% of women who have been with 20 or more lovers can’t find a
husband.” “When you’re too sexually available, it messes with your self-esteem.” “I am not going to sleep with one more guy until I’m sure he’s the one.”

ANNOUNCER: As the fun shifts into high gear when Colin played by Chris Evans, the sexy womanizer in the next apartment agrees to help.

EVANS: “Ally hires him to track down the guys she’s slept with to see if any of them have turned out to be husband material. She’d rather marry them and not increase her number.”

CLIP: “You help me track down my exes; I’ll help you escape yours.” “You got a deal.”

FARRIS: “I love the idea of women getting to play in what right now seems like a man’s world; to be raunchy and to be real and gritty with her friends.”

ANNOUNCER: 20th Century Fox proudly presents - Anna Faris.

CLIP: “To taking control of my own destiny!” “To taking control!” “To 20!”

ANNOUNCER: WHATS YOUR NUMBER? (cheering) In Hollywood, I’m _____________.

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