ANNOUNCER: From visionary filmmaker James Cameron and director Andrew Adamson comes an all new 3D adventure: CIRQUE du SOLEIL: WORLDS AWAY a magical and romantic journey unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

ADAMSON: It’s the story of these two people who meet in a real word circus and when their eyes meet, he slips and falls into another world and drags her in with him.

ANNOUNCER: For Adamson, being able to immerse audiences into this FUSION 3D technology was pretty cool

ADAMSON: So very often we’re shooting sort of an intimate love scene with the biggest stunt sequence you’ve ever seen

ANNOUNCER: Executive Producer James Cameron says audiences are going to be blown away

CAMERON: We’ll put you right up in the rafters looking down past the aerial artists. The 3D just puts you right in the show.

ANNOUNCER: Paramount Pictures invites your whole family to this holiday season’s biggest movie event.

CLIP: Action! Ready – trapeze – aerialist!

ANNOUNCER: CIRQUE du SOLIE: WORLDS AWAY. In Hollywood, I’m ______________.
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