ANNOUNCER: Tina Fey and Paul Rudd star together for the first time on the big screen in ADMISSION, a new comedy set against the backdrop of the college admissions process. Co-star Tina Fey:

FEY: ADMISSION is a movie about a woman named Portia Nathan that I play, and she’s an admissions officer at Princeton University and she’s kind of set in her ways.

CLIP: To do our her well, an admissions officer must be on the receiving end of an entire nation’s application panic, endure the frustrations of all the parents who just realized there isn’t room for every organically-fed, well-tutored offspring.

CLIP: Please step away from the car. Do you like bunt cake? I do not. Let go!

FEY: Everything in her life is in upheaval…

CLIP: Mom, it’s me. Who? How many people call you mom?

FEY: (Cont’d) and then she gets a call from John, played by Paul Rudd.

CLIP: (phone rings) Yes? It’s John Pressman from the New Quest School. I’d like for you to visit our campus.

ANNOUNCER: Rudd plays Portia’s free-wheeling former college classmate who now runs an alternative high school set in rural New Hampshire that Portia decides to check out.

CLIP: What are you doing to that cow? The cow’s in labor, calm her down. Where’s the bull that did this to you? Probably out partying with his friends

ANNOUNCER: Co-star Paul Rudd:

RUDD: Working with Tina Fey is great, you like the characters she plays because you just like her.

ANNOUNCER: And it’s clear these two really hit it off

CLIP: Do you want to go out sometime? Yes. I mean with me. Oh, yes.

ANNOUNCER: See Tina Fey, Paul Rudd and Lily Tomlin in the movie that critics are calling, “A match made in heaven” “filled with heartfelt laughs… Tina Fey and Paul Rudd create movie magic!” ADMISSION. In Hollywood, I’m ____________.
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