In theaters 4-28-2000

Twentieth Century Fox

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Natalie Portman stars as 'Novalee' - 17 and pregnant whose boyfriend drives off after a stop at Wal-Mart. With no money and no where to go, Novalee ends up living and giving birth at the Wal-Mart. Eventually taken to the hospital, she is befriend by 'Lexi' - played by Ashley Judd. A number of other delightfully quirky characters come into Novalee's life over the next five years including 'Sister Husband' played by Stockard Channing, 'Ruth Meyers' - a Nashville music agent portrayed by Joan Cusack, and James Franin who plays 'Forney' - the local librarian with whom Novalee discovers a passion for learning as well as the possibility of love. This comedy/ drama, directed by Matt Williams, is based on the best-selling novel by Bille Letts.

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