In theaters 12-28-2001

Touchstone Pictures

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THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS is a comedy about one family's sudden, unexpected reunion. Two-time Academy Award winner Gene Hackman stars as 'Royal Tenenbaum,' a selfish man who wants to get back with his family. Academy Award winner Angelica Houston plays his estranged wife 'Etheline.' The Tenenbaums have 3 grown children -- who as youngsters were child geniuses. 'Richie' played by Luke Wilson, was a junior tennis champ. 'Chas', Ben Stiller's character was a preteen real estate mogul. 'Margo,' portrayed by Academy Award winner Gwyneth Paltrow, was an acclaimed playwright by the 9th grade...but that was 2 decades ago. Joining this stellar ensemble are Danny Glover, who plays the family accountant, and Bill Murray who portrays an eminent neurologist married to Margo. From the creators of "Rushmore" and "Bottle Rocket" director/writer/producer Wes Anderson.

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