In theaters 4-19-2002

Universal Pictures

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This is a sensational action/adventure, set five thousand years ago in Egypt where 'Memnon' a ruthless warlord believed he was destined to rule. He was a tyrant who enslaved a nation …and his deadly strategies were plotted by a sorcerer. But now a warrior will become the only hope of these desperate people as they unite behind 'Mathayus' -- played by wrestling superstar THE ROCK, to kill the sorcerer. It turns out however, that the sorcerer is in fact a beautiful woman, which makes this an even more exciting adventure because the chemistry between 'Mathayus' and 'Cassandra,' played by Kelly Hu - is pretty hot! This is the story of one mans fight for justice as he evolves from assassin -- to legend to THE SCORPION KING!

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