In theaters 10-24-2003

Dimension Films

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The comedy spoof series that knows no fear is back with its funniest installment yet. David Zucker who brought us “Airplane!,” “Naked Gun,” “Naked Gun 2 ½” and "Naked Gun 33 1/3” had the time of his life directing this spoof which irreverently roasts “The Ring,” “Signs,” “Matrix Reloaded,” “8 Mile,” “The Others” and more. This all-star cast includes: Anna Faris as eager TV reporter ‘Cindy Campbell’, Charlie Sheen as the aliens-attracting farmer ‘Tom,’ Eddie Griffin as ‘Orpheus’, Queen Latifah as the ‘Oracle’ along with Pamela Anderson and Jenny McCarthy as Catholic School girls, while Leslie Nielson plays the President of the United States!

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