In theaters 1-1-2004

Columbia Pictures

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Critics and audiences across the country can't stop talking about this imaginative family fantasy which Rolling Stone Magazine is calling "One of the Best Films of the Year." Director Tim Burton's richly woven drama, and recipient of four Golden Globe Nominations including "Best Picture," is the story of 'Edward Bloom,' played by Albert Finney, whose son 'Will' portrayed by Billy Crudup, has come home to try to reconnect with his dad. Much of this exquisite tale is told through the eyes of Albert Finney's character as a young man -- portrayed by Ewan McGregor, whose mythical exploits range from the delightful to the surreal. When Edward becomes ill and his wife 'Sandra,' played by Jessica Lange, tries to reconcile them, Will embarks on his own personal journey trying to separate the myth from the reality of his father's life. Helena Bonham Carter, Steve Buscemi and Danny DeVito costar.

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