In theaters 12-16-2005

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The Oscar race is well underway with BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN leading the pack with eight Academy Award nominations including Best Picture of the Year, Best Actor for Heath Ledger, Best Supporting Actor for Jake Gyllenhaal, Best Supporting Actress for Michelle Williams and Best Director for Ang Lee who was also named “Best Director of the Year” by the Directors Guild of America. This unforgettable romantic epic, recipient of 4 Golden Globes including Best Picture stars Heath Ledger as ranch-hand ‘Ennis Del Mar’, who along with rodeo cowboy ‘Jack Twist’, portrayed by Jake Gyllenhaal are hired in the summer of 1963 to move a herd of sheep across Brokeback Mountain. It’s here on that majestic mountain that they unexpectedly forge a lifelong connection, one whose complications, joys and tragedies provide a testament to the endurance and power of love. BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN (2005)
Set against the sweeping vistas of Wyoming and Texas, the film tells the story of two young men - a ranch-hand and a rodeo cowboy - who meet in the summer of 1963, and unexpectedly forge a lifelong connection, one whose complications, joys and tragedies provide a testament to the endurance and power of love.
Brokeback Mountain, From Academy Award-winning filmmaker Ang Lee comes an epic American love story, based on the short story by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Annie Proulx and adapted for the screen by the team of Pulitzer Prize-winning author Larry McMurtry and Diana Ossana. .. BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN (2005)
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