In theaters 7-25-2006

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This eagerly awaited animated family adventure, produced by Tom Hanks, tells the story of 10 year Lucas Nickle, the new kid in town, voiced by Zach Tyler Eisen, who tormented by the neighborhood bully, takes his frustrations out on the anthill in his yard. Unbeknownst to Lucas, there's a teeming world underneath his feet and they are ready to fight back. The magic potion that Wizard Ant Zoc (Nicolas Cage) has been working on is finished and one drop in Lucasí ear instantly shrinks him to ant size. Kind-hearted Nurse Ant Hova (Julia Roberts) volunteers to mentor the miniaturized human boy whose skills are put to the test when heís called upon to help his new friends defend the colony from the local exterminator (Paul Giamatti), as Lucas learns valuable lessons about friendship, compassion and teamwork that will serve him for the rest of his life. THE ANT BULLY (2006)
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New in town and friendless, young Lucas Nickle has been taking out his frustration on the innocent ant hill in his yard. But one day the ants retaliate. Using a magic potion, they shrink Lucas down to ant size and sentence him to live like an ant in their colony. In this strange new world Lucas will learn important lessons. THE ANT BULLY (2006)
The Ant Bully, Poor 10-year-old Lucas Nickle (voiced by ZACH TYLER EISEN) can't get a break. Recently moved to a new city with his family, he hasn't made a single friend. He gets nothing but grief from his teenage sister Tiffany (voiced by ALLISON MACK) and not a whole lot of attention lately from his parents (voiced by CHERI OTERI and LARRY MILLER), who are busy planning their big anniversary weekend trip to Puerto Vallarta. Meanwhile, his loving but kinda kooky grandmother Mommo (voiced by LILY TOMLN) spends all her time trying to protect the family from those outer-space aliens she's been reading about in the grocery store magazines. To make matters worse, Lucas has become the number one target of local bully Steve (voiced by MYLES JEFFREY), who never misses an opportunity to push him around. ...

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A young boy threatens an ant colony and then destroys the colony's anthill with a water pistol. When he's shrunk to ant size and sentenced to work in the colony, however, things turn around.

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