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This contemporary comedy/drama stars Zach Braff of “Garden State” fame, as ‘Michael’ in this very funny and very sexy story about life, love and coming to grips with turning 30. Although Michael is in love with his girlfriend ‘Jenna’, played by Jacinda Barrett, and surrounded by his good buddies (Casey Affleck, Eric Christian Olsen & Michael Weston), Michael is afraid that the surprises are going to stop coming in his life, but one's about to walk right in. Rachel Bilson (of "O.C" fame) plays ‘Kim’, the other woman in Michael’s life in this refreshing, witty and edging take on growing up. THE LAST KISS (2006) Trailers: THE LAST KISS
, the new movie starring Zach Braff and directed by Tony Goldwyn, arrives in theaters September 15th, 2006. THE LAST KISS (2006)
The Last Kiss - box office summary, articles, news, analysis, trailers, image and more. The Last Kiss (2006)
The Last Kiss - Cast, Crew, Reviews, Plot Summary, Comments, Discussion, Taglines, Trailers, Posters, Photos, Showtimes, Link to Official Site, Fan Sites THE LAST KISS (2006)
Last Kiss, The (2006) - This is a remake of the Italian film L'Ultimo Bacio. Paul Haggis' script concerns a couple who live together and could be undone by questions of whether they are meant to be together., Goldwyn, Casey Affleck, Jacinda Barrett, Rachel Bilson, Zach Braff, Blythe Danner, Erik Chrisian Olsen, Marley Shelton, Lauren Lee Smith, Michael Weston, Tom Wilkinson THE LAST KISS (2006)
The Last Kiss movie trailer premiere, starring Zach Braff, Jacinda Barrett, Rachel Bilson, Casey Affleck, Eric Christian Olsen, Marley Shelton, Michael Weston, Tom Wilkinson, Blythe Danner, Lauren Lee Smith, directed by Tony Goldwyn THE LAST KISS (2006)
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The Last Kiss preview page featuring casting information, director, trailer links, poster, official site, synopsis, release date, stills and news. - THE LAST KISS
THE LAST KISS reviews from the nation's top critics and audiences. Also includes movie info, trailer, poster, photos, news, articles, and forum. THE LAST KISS (2006)

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