In theaters 1-18-2008

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Katherine Heigl, who recently got “Knocked Up” in the hit motion picture comedy from Judd Apatow and nabbed an Emmy for her starring role in “Grey’s Anatomy”, plays 'Jane' a perennial bridesmaid in this romantic comedy from the screenwriter of “The Devil Wears Prada”. James Marsden co-stars as ‘Kevin’, a newspaper reporter who realizes that a story about this wedding junkie could be his ticket off the bridal beat. Further complicating Jane’s once perfectly-ordered life is the arrival of her younger sister ‘Tess’ (Malin Akerman), who immediately captures the heart of Jane’s boss ‘George” (Edward Burns), with whom she is secretly in love, as Jane begins to reexamine her ‘always-a-bridesmaid…” lifestyle. 27 DRESSES (2008) 27 DRESSES (2008) 27 DRESSES (2008)
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