In theaters 4-10-2009

Walt Disney Pictures

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Walt Disney Pictures takes the Disney Channel phenom to the big screen in this feature film extravaganza starring pop sensation Miley Cyrus as ‘Miley Stewart’ who is having a hard time juggling school, friends and her secret pop-star persona. But when Hannah Montana’s soaring popularity threatens to take over her life – she just might let it. So her father (Billy Ray Cyrus) takes the teen home to Crowley Corners, Tenn., for a dose of reality, kicking off an adventure filled with the kind of fun, laughter and romance even Hannah Montana couldn't imagine. HANNAH MONTANA THE MOVIE (2009)
Stars Come Out for 'Hannah Montana: The Movie' World Premiere HANNAH MONTANA THE MOVIE (2009)
Special Sneak Peek of 'Hannah Montana: The Movie' With Miley Cyrus' Introduction HANNAH MONTANA THE MOVIE (2009)
The Movie Soundtrack HANNAH MONTANA THE MOVIE (2009)
Stars Discuss Ostrich Scene HANNAH MONTANA THE MOVIE (2009)
coming soon HANNAH MONTANA THE MOVIE (2009)
for Xbox 360 - GameSpot offers reviews, previews, cheats, and more. Count on us for all of the latest on the Hannah Montana: The Movie Xbox 360 Game. HANNAH MONTANA THE MOVIE (2009)
Reviews, Showtimes, DVDs, Photos, Message Boards, User Ratings, Synopsis, Trailers, Credits HANNAH MONTANA THE MOVIE (2009)
all about Hannah Montana: The Movie HANNAH MONTANA THE MOVIE (2009)
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overview: synopsis, movie reviews, photos, trailers, movie clips, cast and crew,news, dvd, user reviews, message board and more HANNAH MONTANA THE MOVIE (2009)
We're only a week away from the moment kids (and some adults) all over America have been waiting for: Hannah Montana: The Movie hits theatres! Miley Cyrus HANNAH MONTANA THE MOVIE (2009) HANNAH MONTANA THE MOVIE (2009)
As Hannah Montana's popularity begins to take over her life, ... HANNAH MONTANA THE MOVIE (2009)

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