In theaters 11-21-2001

Universal Pictures

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Brad Pitt makes a special TV guest appearance on "Friends" the day after the film opens! Check it out! From acclaimed director Tony Scott who brought us "Top Gun", "Crimson Tide" and "Enemy of the State" comes this epic thriller starring Robert Redford as CIA officer Nathan Muir and Brad Pitt as his protege Tom Bishop. Muir hand picked Bishop from the field and taught him everything he knew, but a rift divided them long ago as Muir - now ready for retirement, learns that his old friend is being held in a foreign prison on an espionage charge. With the CIA deciding the risk is too great to save Bishop - it's up to Redford's character to outwit a new generation in charge of the organization he served for so many years. Sometimes it's not how you play the game, it's how the game plays you.

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